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Vocations to the Glory of God/ Campus Ministery

Greg Grooms came to Hill House in August of 1994 from Huemoz, Switzerland, after working with L'Abri Fellowship for 15 years. While studying biochemistry at Tulane University in New Orleans, he discovered his faith needed to grow if it were to survive the questions and pressures of living in the modern world. This led him to Francis and Edith Schaeffer’s study center in the Swiss Alps where the historic Christian faith of his childhood was reaffirmed and expanded to apply to all of life and culture.

Greg met and married his Canadian-born wife Mary Jane in Switzerland. They have five children, all of whom are now post college.

Mary Jane brings over three decades of experience in teaching, counseling and hospitality to her role as Co-Director of Hill House.

Greg and Mary Jane's conviction in leading Hill House is that the Bible is true and that all of life is spiritual and meant to be lived to the glory of God. It is a conviction that is reflected in Greg’s teaching. He begins with the Bible and moves to everything else, from academics to pop culture.