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Friday Lunch Discussions

Join us over lunch each Friday from 11:45am–1:15-ish pm this semester to discuss and examine recent articles. Read this week's Featured Article for Discussion

Christians have good reasons to be interested in things and in people. Our world is a creation of God, not an accident of nature. The people in it are made in God’s image, but fallen now, and therefore capable of glorious accomplishments and extraordinary evil. So taking the time to thoughtfully consider them is usually worthwhile.

This Fall in our series 'Reading the World', we’ll try to engage both. Each week we’ll examine a different essay drawn from a wide variety of sources in hopes of better discerning who we are, the nature of the world we live in, and how we are called to live as followers of Jesus Christ. If you’re interested, check here a week in advance for the essay we’ll be reading next week, or simply join us Fridays anytime after 11:45 for lunch and discussion.

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Grad Student Dinner and Bible Study
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Undergrad Dinner and Bible Study